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It’s easy to be confused with the seemingly endless number of supplement products available for you and your pet. How do you know which is best? At Kelp Products of Florida, we say

At Kelp Products we strive to maintain 100% complete customer satisfaction. The successful growth of Kelp Products of Florida has come solely from “word of mouth” advertising. We believe that happily satisfied customers are the best advertising a business can have.

Our Mission

Top Quality Products

At Kelp Products of Florida Inc, we provide the highest quality Kelp available in the world today, NORWEGIAN KELP (Ascophyllum Nodosum).

What our customers think...


After almost 2 full bottles of the arthritis supplement you sell, I would like to share that my 4 year old Dane DIESEL is off of his pain medication (shortly after we finished the first bottle). I have been battling hip issues with Diesel for almost a year now and have never purchased a "second" of any supplement that I have tried for him until now. I thought I was doomed to using pain meds for my gentle giant for the rest of his life, but it looks like we find found the magic pills to help my boy not have anymore pain. Every once in a while he has a rough day, if he plays too hard with his great Dane sister (Daphne) or if he hasn't had a walk in a couple of days due to a busy schedule. But overall he's doing so much better and I'm so thrilled he can have so many good days and be pain free. Today I'm purchasing 2 more bottles of the arthritis supplement for Diesel. Thanks for speaking with me at the Houston dog show and for making a great product that REALLY WORKS.

Sarah M. 


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The NEW Total Arthro Solution Capsules have arrived!

Total Joint & Ligament Supplement

$39.95 per bottle or only $29.95 each when you buy 4 or more

Kelp Products of Florida Norwegian Kelp Pet Supplements

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We recommend Colostrum by Immune Tree - click the image to check it out along with their other line of products!

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