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Vegetarian Blend & Vegetarian Blend with Garlic....what's the difference?

The Vegetarian Blend (Green Label) and the Vegetarian Blend with Garlic (Gold Label) both provide Natural, Organic nutrition for your pet!

*We do not recommend Garlic for Cats*

Our Vegetarian Blend & Vegetarian Blend with Garlic, contain all the wonderful properties of Granular Norwegian Kelp combined with a food grade quality, Organic Inactive Yeast made from organically grown vegetables! Both supplements have a WONDERFUL aroma and taste that are appealing to the most finicky eaters!

Our Vegetarian Blend and Vegetarian Blend with Garlic is a Natural, Organic Supplement for your pet! These All Natural, Organic products will help maintain your pet’s overall health.  Helps support a healthy immune system, maintain healthy skin & coat or feathers.