One of our Italian Greyhounds was having seizures. When I notified the breeder, she mentioned that she gives all of her dogs this Norwegian kelp product. We decided to give it a try. Since starting the kelp two months ago, our dog eats more regularly. He appears to be getting back to a normal, healthy weight (he has always been pretty thin--with hip bones visible). We have not witnessed any seizures since starting the kelp!

R. M.


Would like to say I love the kelp !!!! My 2 dogs have been taking the vegetarian blend and are doing amazing increased energy great for allergies coats look amazing!!! So very happy I found you and so are my puppies!! By the way they love it to!! Thank you for the wonderful customer service.

Pam A.


Dear Kelp Products, In the past our Shih-tzu could not produce a litter of puppies. However, after giving her your product, Vegetarian Blend Kelp, we are happy to say she had 4 beautiful healthy puppies! Enclosed is a picture of our litter. Thank you,

Cheryl B.


I have been feeding Kelp Products of Florida (Vegetable Blend with Garlic) to our Doberman Bruno since he was a puppy. He is a very healthy dog with a beautiful, often complimented, coat and is now nearly five years old. A great product. I have taken Kelp Products of Florida myself for may years and will continue to do so for many years to come - a great product with great health results.....

Dwayne W.


Dear Kelp Products, In June at the AKC show in Mechanicsville, Virginia, we purchased the vegetarian blend w/garlic from you for our Samoyed who has been suffering from skin problems for over a year. He's been on allergy shots since March with not much improvement. Just look at the results after being on your kelp product for 30 days! The "before" pictures was taken about a month before starting him on the kelp. We are thrilled to see improvements in his skin and hair growing back on spots we never thought we would see it again. After a week's time, the pigmentation in his nose returned to completely black. We're only able to get 2 scoops at the most in him a day. He's a very picky eater but we have no problems getting him to eat this when we sprinkle it on his food. His energy level has increased dramatically. We are so glad we talked with you at the AKC show. Your product definitely works!

Tom & Pam H.


Thank you so much for a wonderful product! I have an 8 year old standard poodle. He was going gray pretty fast. Since he is on kelp, he is black again. And he is very playful like he used to be when he was younger. Thanks Again.

Diane B.


I have been feeding Kelp Products of Florida (Vegetable Blend with Garlic) to our Doberman Bruno since he was a puppy. He is a very healthy dog with a beautiful, often complimented, coat and is now nearly five years old. A great product. I have taken Kelp Products of Florida myself for may years and will continue to do so for many years to come - a great product with great health results..... Dwayne W. I have purchased the kelp products for numerous years for my dogs. Works great at keeping the shedding down and, plus I run long distance with my dogs and it really helps them recover from a long trail run. Plus it makes their coat super shiny and soft. Best product out there is from Kelp Products of Florida. Fast shipping and really great prices. Will continue being a loyal customer. P.S. When people ask me why my dogs coats look so great I tell them about your wonderful product.

Kat P.


I was first introduced to your supplements last year when a friend gave me a couple of Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies on a co-ownership. The bitch puppy "Tawny" is a color called "clear red." She is a spectacular puppy but was somewhat lacking in pigment. (Pigment is extremely important in Cardigans as their standard requires a black nose.) Her breeder recommended that I give her your kelp to help with her pigmentation. She said I had to use "the good kind" - and suggested your product. :) Long story short, this puppy, "Tawny" went to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Specialty show in Tuscon, AZ in March & proceeded to beat 21 other puppies from all over the country to win the 6-9 month puppy class! She then went on to win Reserve Winner's Bitch for a 3 point major! (I'm not sure if you show dogs or not, but this is a huge win!) Another story of our success with your products is our 1 year old Smooth Collie puppy, "Lacey." I obtained Lacey in December 2012, and she had dreadful eye allergies. She is such a lovely puppy, but because of her inflamed red eyes, we were unsure if she could be shown. We also didn't want her to suffer with eye allergies. Well, the day I brought Lacey home, I immediately started giving her your kelp. I thought if the kelp worked, we'd see an improvement in a few weeks. Amazingly, her eyes began clearing up within three days!! I kept her on the kelp for a few months. I then thought that maybe her eyes had cleared up on their own and it wasn't the kelp that had made them better. So I stopped giving it to her & within a couple of days her eyes were red & oozy again. I put her back on the kelp and will always keep her on it. Her eyes are now perfect! This puppy went to the shows in Tallahassee in February & from the 6-9 month puppy class won Best of Variety over the grown dogs & one Champion to win a 3 point major! Needless to say - I'm completely hooked on your product and am now adding it to all of our dogs' food. I have been recommending your product to everyone I meet.

Paula C.

Love this! I use it for my labs that show and hunt! Helps with coats and darkening up their pigment that over years lights. Helps with shedding and blowing coats! I feed it on their food at mealtime! I reorder this all the time!


We raise puppies, and this product is amazing for giving the pregnant moms all the extra nutrition they need during pregnancy and nursing. This year we also put it on the food of the puppies, and they loved it too. We have tried other kelp products, but the dogs didn't like them at all. This powder you can just sprinkle directly over their food, and they love it, even lick it up out of the bottom of the bowl. I have Aussies and this puts a great coat on them. Just gives them a little extra nutrition that they may not get from the food they eat. Helps darken their coat.

Mary P.

Dear Kelp Products of Florida,

The difference that your kelp has made in our dogs and horses is almost magical! Before feeding kelp, our Mastiff bitch had little pigment, itchy skin and hot spots. After being on the kelp for only a short period of time, her skin problems disappeared. Soon her mask and ears became darker and her energy level increased. The energy factor alone in a Mastiff is pretty amazing! A friend began feeding the kelp to her old German Shepherd after I told her of my results. The old boy had been hit by a truck many years ago and has metal plates and pins in his hips. She had been considering euthanasia as he was not getting around comfortably at all any more. The dog is so much better that the vet did not recognize him at his next visit! Also when my friend brought the dog to be groomed, the Groomer said his coat is better than its been in years. The kelp gave this old friend a new lease on life. Thank you so much!

H. MacKenzie

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Just a few of our many customer testimonials!

I wanted to say thank you for this wonderful product! The Kelp Food Supplement Vegetarian Blend with Garlic has done so much good for my dog! A few months ago my puggle, Oscar, was having horrible skin problems. He was so itchy! He stopped playing, all he did was sleep and scratch. I didn't know what was wrong, but I didn't want to medicate him. One day, I came home to find that Oscar had scratched/chewed a bald spot on his tail till it was bleeding. That's when I took a friend's recommendation to try your product, and we couldn't be happier. After a week or two of patience, Oscar is doing great! His skin, coat, demeanor, and appearance have changed for the better. He has almost no itchies and scratchies anymore, and he is loving life! Thank you so much for providing a healthy, natural solution for my little man!

We appreciate y'all!

Monica & Oscar

I had used this a few years ago, and really like how it seemed to maintain the pigment in the dogs I have. Even with rooting around in the ground, it helps keep black noses really black.
Wish they would sell the 6 lb bag on Amazon. Three dogs go through the 2 lb bag very quickly.

Lynn B.

Good Day,
 I have a testimonial regarding the Total Arthro Solution, I can say that it is an awesome product!  I have been giving it to my 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier, Ginger for the past 3 years.  She was diagnosed with arthritis and she was in extreme pain prior to using your is our saving grace!!!
Z. Smith

The hair on my dog's hind leg was shaved for surgery and after several years it had not regrown. After spending much time and money at the vet's trying many other "cures", someone told me about this product. After a very short period of time her hair had regrown. My part chow mix dog now has a complete thick, soft, long and very healthy coat similar to that of a mink and it does not shed or mat. Wonderful product. Have been using this kelp for 2 years and will continue.

Jean B.

Call Us !


I have had dogs for over 60 years. In all those years involved with show dogs and now retired racing greyhounds I have tried many products. I have never had one work as quickly and as well as yours does. I purchased your kelp at a dog show for my 12 year old greyhound. He shed constantly and had bad dandruff. In less than 3 weeks the shedding and dandruff were gone. I now give it to all of my dogs and recommend it to others. Greyt product!!

Cathy H.

Casper is a White male Boxer who is 5 years old. He was born in Kentucky on May 20th 2008. I feed Casper a raw diet which includes raw chicken. My breeder informed that he wasn't getting all his vitamins and minerals by feeding just chicken. She recommended Kelp with Garlic. i noticed that after i added the kelp to Caspers food, his coat had more shine to it, as well the brown stuff that was seeping from his eyes had stopped and his fur there actually turned white again. Im assuming his Ph level became more balanced becasue of the Kelp.. I highly recommend this product.

Pietro & Casper

After almost 2 full bottles of the arthritis supplement you sell, I would like to share that my 4 year old Dane DIESEL is off of his pain medication (shortly after we finished the first bottle). I have been battling hip issues with Diesel for almost a year now and have never purchased a "second" of any supplement that I have tried for him until now. I thought I was doomed to using pain meds for my gentle giant for the rest of his life, but it looks like we find found the magic pills to help my boy not have anymore pain. Every once in a while he has a rough day, if he plays too hard with his great Dane sister (Daphne) or if he hasn't had a walk in a couple of days due to a busy schedule. But overall he's doing so much better and I'm so thrilled he can have so many good days and be pain free. Today I'm purchasing 2 more bottles of the arthritis supplement for Diesel. Thanks for speaking with me at the Houston dog show and for making a great product that REALLY WORKS.

Sarah M.

When I brought my rescue dog, Sprocket, home in October 2012, he was skinny and just beginning to grow back coat after being completely bald from skin allergies. Today, after almost a year on Norwegian Kelp, he has a full coat and acts more like a puppy than the 11 years that the vet says he really is!

Candy S.

I want to let you know how the kelp is helping Eika. I have to take it very slow with her as she has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and is very sensitive to any changes in her diet. I am up to 1 3/4 teaspoons a day, divided between morning and evening. I am already seeing results. Her coat is very soft and is getting thicker. Prior to this, her coat was dry and brittle. Also, she is scratching less. At one time she had scratched her eye to where hair was missing. She has not scratched her eyes as much and her hair has grown back. Also, prior to the kelp she had discharge from her eyes, that has disappeared since starting the kelp. Her eyes a very clear. Also, her stools are perfect, which is very important for a dog with her disease. Thus far, I am very pleased and can't wait to see further results with continued use and getting her to the correct dosage (she weighs 80 lbs.) Thanks again!

Melissa S.

Dear Kelp Products of Florida:

I started using your product right after our oldest weimaraner had her first litter of puppies and she blew her coat. A friend recommended your product and as soon as I started her on your product she started getting her hair back and her coat came in gorgeous and shiny. Our oldest weim is now 13 years old and our youngest is 10 months old. All of my dogs were given the kelp product and all of them had gorgeous shiny healthy coats. Recently I noticed that my 13 year old and my 8 year old have lost pigment around their nose's, not bad but a slight pinkness where their noses used to be brown all over. I read online that Kelp products are recommended for loss of pigment so I did a search and found you again and I ordered the product which was shipped the same day. I am a big believer in your product in knowing how well it worked when I used it the first time. I used it consistently for 5 years and it's only been the last couple of years that I have not. Looking forward to seeing the results!

Kindest Regards,

Camille R.