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NOTE: The FDA  only  recognizes those contents as listed on the label and the manufacturer is not permitted to list other ingredients. However, it is known that “NORWEGIAN SEAGRASS” is one of the largest sources of  NATURAL CHELATED MINERALS.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

  This statement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.                                                                  

  A  person on hormone therapy or allergic to iodine should first consult their physician before 

  taking this product. A person would have to take 7 Kelp Capsules to get the  maximum  R D A.

Kelp Capsules - 200 ct.

 Vitamin Supplement  “...for you, mom & dad and the Kids! ”


This 100% All Natural Organic Vitamin Supplement contains all the wonderful properties of true Norwegian Kelp in a Vegetarian Capsule packaged and quality controlled by a U. S. Pharmaceutical-Grade Facility (under FDA inspection) as an added guarantee of assurance and safety.  Our Norwegian Kelp capsules do not contain colors, flavors, or preservatives! 

Today, our foods are highly processed and therefore lacking much of the nutrients and enzymes that our bodies require. Plus, so many things we eat contain chemicals and pesticides. The levels of protein found in our foods 50 years ago has  dramatically decreased year after year, because  today’s farming methods harm the soil and fail to return the natural organic properties back into the soil before planting again. This is why we eat a lot more food, then feel hungry soon after! Our bodies are craving more protein and nutrients, but are being supplied only more fat, more carbohydrates and more sugar.

The Norwegian people have been using their Kelp for many centuries 

supplementing the diets of their pets, their livestock, and their own families… try our Norwegian Kelp Nutritional Supplement and find out why!  Our Norwegian Kelp Tablets contain 12 Vitamins, 60 Minerals,

and 20  Amino Acids all Naturally!

   1. Helps promote  healthy, shiny, gorgeous hair.*

   2. Helps grow hair as long as the hair follicle is alive.*

   3. Helps to grow longer and stronger nails.*

   4. Helps to improve dry skin problems.*

   5. Helps Scaly Psoriasis. *

   6. Helps lessen pain from arthritis.* 

    (For severe arthritis and joint pain try our Guaranteed Total Arthro-Solution!)

   7. Helps strengthen  Microcirculation, important for healthy vision.*

   8. Lessens Constipation, and helps with irregularity.*

   9. Helps to Boost the Thymus and Thyroid Glands which control the                                                        

       Immune, Hormone and Enzyme Systems of the body.*

 10. Helps improve resistance to environmental stress to

       enhance Mental performance.*

 11. Helps provide soothing benefits  for the Stomach

       and Digestive tract.*

 12 .A Natural support to enhance nighttime rest.*




 The properties found in Kelp provide a natural

defense against the absorption of radiation!