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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of animals can eat Kelp?

Almost any animal you can think of!  Any living animal that eats solid food can benefit from Kelp, even you!

How long before I see results from the Kelp?

Most animals will show results with consistent feeding within 2 to 8 weeks as long as feeding directions are  followed. 

What about pigmentation?

Pigmentation problems will usually take 8+ weeks to see a change.  As long as the lack of pigmentation is not genetic, the Kelp will restore the pigmentation.  Kelp can improve pigmentation and will usually darken the eyes and nose.

What about shedding?

Kelp can help maintain a normal healthy skin & coat .

My pet is on thyroid medication. Can I still give the Kelp?

It depends on the dose of medication and if the vet approves.   Before making any changes consult with you veterinarian.

Why is Kelp sold elsewhere cheaper?

The old saying that you get what you pay for is very true here. Kelp absorbs its nutrients from surrounding water through the leaves. Kelp has roots but they only serve to anchor it to the ocean floor. Thus, poor water quality equals poor quality Kelp.  Many species of Kelp are high in pollutants and heavy metals. Norwegian Kelp has been proven to be the highest quality Kelp available.  You and your pet deserve the best!

What is the shelf life of the Norwegian Kelp and the Vegetarian Blend?

The Norwegian Kelp will last at least 5 years if you keep it dry and cool.  The Vegetarian Blend and the     Vegetarian Blend & Garlic will last at least 2 years as long as it is kept cool and dry.

Can I feed Kelp Capsules for People to my pet?

Yes you can.  It is more expensive in tablet form and sometimes more difficult to administer. Pets will require multiple pills to get the correct dosage. For pets who are picky eaters, we suggest our Vegetarian Blend products which have a wonderful taste your pet will love!

How many Vitamins for People can I take?

An adult can take up to 7 tablets per day before reaching the maximum recommended  daily amount of iodine.  We recommend taking at least 2 capsules per day. 

I have heard Kelp has arsenic in it and not to give it to my pet. What is the story on that?

There is indeed a small amount of arsenic in Norwegian Kelp and most other kelps as well.  The average amount in  2.2lb of Norwegian Kelp  is .000035 ppm (Parts per million).  In comparison, if you eat 1 whole apple, you are consuming many times more arsenic than in an entire 2.2lb container of Norwegian Kelp.  Had an apple lately?

Can I eat the same Kelp I feed my pets?

Yes.  We have people who sprinkle kelp on their cereal in the morning or mix it with salads and other food.  Try our Kelp Capsules which are made in a Vegetarian Capsule. 

My pet does not like the Granular Kelp, how can I get my pet to eat it?

We recommend switching to the Vegetarian Blend or Vegetarian Blend with Garlic.  The Inactive Nutritional Yeast used in our Veg. Blend products is food grade quality and has a Wonderful Taste that even the most picky eaters will love!

I lost my  scoop that comes with the kelp. What size is the scoop?

 The  scoop is equal to 1 teaspoon or 5 cc.

Is the Yeast in your product a brewers yeast?

No, it is not. We use an Inactive Nutritional Yeast that is grown specifically for its nutritional value. It is a Organic Vegetable base yeast that is Human Food Grade Quality.  It adds an amazing amount of nutrients and wonderful taste to the Granular Kelp that your pet will love! 

Can your nutritional  yeast cause yeast or Candida infections?

No, it can not. Our nutritional yeast is a Inactive yeast.  The Candida is a live organism.

My dog is getting up there in age and has trouble climbing the stairs. Will the Kelp help?

Our Kelp can help maintain healthy joints and overall health.  Your pet should be able to climb those stairs much easier.  You should see results in 4 to 8 weeks.

What is the analysis of your Kelp and yeast based on?

The amounts you see are based on a container of kelp weighing 2.2lbs. The amounts shown for the

Nutritional Yeast are for 2 teaspoons, (10 cc).

Can I give the Total Arthro-Solution to my dogs?

Yes you can.  The doses are based on weight.

The human  dosage is 4 caplets per day.  The dog dosage is according to their weight. 

Dogs up to 25lbs - 1 caplet daily;  25 - 55 lbs - 2 caplets daily;  55 - 85 lbs - 3 caplets daily;

86 lbs and up - 4 caplets daily.

Are there any stores that carry your product in my area?

You can find out by clicking on the link Store Locations.  You can possibly save money on shipping and help support a local business!  If they are out of stock request for them to place an order for you!

My dog is vomiting/has diarrhea after giving him the kelp. What should I do?

First make sure you are feeding the correct dosage that is printed on the product label.  If you are feeding the correct amount, reduce this amount to half.  The Kelp is very high in nutrients and when you first start the supplement you should only feed half of the recommended dosage that is printed on the label.  This happens very rarely and your pet will adjust to the Kelp quickly.  This should not take more than 3 - 4 days at most.