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What is the difference between “Granular Form” & “Vegetarian Blend”?

Kelp Product Granular  Norwegian Kelp Supplement contains only 100% animal feed grade Norwegian Kelp.  Norwegian Kelp is a natural product made from fresh growing seaweed or "sea grass". The Kelp from Norway remains the highest grade of sea grass in the world today. Both harvesting and processing is strictly regulated and controlled  by the "Norwegian Government Quality Control Institute" to assure the highest levels of purity and quality.

Kelp Products "Vegetarian Blend" Norwegian Kelp Supplement contains the wonderful properties of Granular Norwegian Kelp, combined with a natural Inactive Nutritional Yeast Formula that is made from organically grown vegetables. This Kosher certified yeast product reflects both purity and quality, and is guaranteed to be free of any impurities, chemicals or  allergens. Kelp Products carefully blends this Inactive Nutritional Yeast product with our Granular Norwegian Kelp to create our 100% Natural & Organic animal food supplement, simply named "Vegetarian Blend".

Why should I use the “Vegetarian Blend” vs. the “Granular” Supplement?

The Vegetarian Blend Supplement is a 100% Complete & Organic Supplement

with a natural cheesy flavor that your pet will LOVE! 

This great tasting supplement works wonderfully for picky eaters!

Kelp Products recommends our Vegetarian Blend Norwegian Kelp Supplement simply because it’s a  complete supplement and pets are guaranteed to love the taste!  What good is any supplement if your pet refuses to eat it?

The Vegetarian Blend Supplement was especially formulated for youngsters, for animals to be bred, for stressed or older animals, and for picky eaters or pets with poor appetites.