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Total Arthro Solution

 We have put together an ALL NATURAL formula that naturally reduces Pain caused by Swelling and Inflammation and also helps to rebuild Cartilage!  We are confident that you will see a significant difference in YOUR ARTHRITIS PAIN & YOUR PET’S!  As with any supplement or treatment you will need to allow time for the product to work and to achieve the full benefit.  We ask clients to give 3 to 6 weeks of consistent use to achieve the full effects from the product.

We guarantee you will see results as long as you follow the dosage directions.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee

that you will be satisfied!

 Pain relief for YOU and your PET!

1) Glucosamine Sulfate:  We use the glucosamine sulfate to help combat the causes and symptoms of  Osteo-arthritis.  The glucosamine sulfate has  actually been found, in over 300 studies and 20 clinical trials, to help  rebuild cartilage that has been damaged and help in the formation of new undamaged cartilage.  It is also involved in the formation of strong  ligaments and tendons.  Also  helpful for symptoms of  bursitis and  osteoporosis.

2)   MSM:  This naturally occurring organic sulfur compound helps relieve pain and        

       inflammation and aids  in muscle and joint repair.

3)   Chondroitin:  Helps block certain enzymes that cause destruction of cartilage and also

       helps in the creation of cartilage.

4)   Cetyl-Myristoleate (CM):  Has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effect in treatment of  osteo, psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis.

5 )  Turmeric:  Natural anti-inflammatory properties that is good for all types of arthritis.  Also helps with blood circulation.

6)   Vitamin C:  Has anti-oxidant properties and helps with reduction of  inflammation.

7)   Bosewellia Serrata:  Anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic herb that also helps in the    

        repair of blood  vessels that have been damaged by prior inflammation.    

8)   Bromelain:  An enzyme that helps promote a natural response, from the body, to

        inflammation of the joints, muscles and tendons.

9)   Sea Cucumber: Helps improve the balance of postaglandins, which help regulate the

        inflammatory process. Has been used in China for thousands of years to treat                             arthritis.       

        Also helps to  provide additional joint lubrication.  Useful in both osteo-arthritis and  

        rheumatoid  arthritis.

10)  Magnesium:  Helps in the prevention of calcification of soft tissue, muscle weakness              and  twitching. Assists in the uptake of potassium and calcium.

11)  Manganese:  Required for normal bone growth.  Also used to assist in the formation              of  cartilage and  synovial fluid in the joints.

12)  Boron:  Assists in the body’s normal production of steroidal compounds within the

          body. Also helps metabolism of calcium and the prevention of post-menopausal    


13)  Trace minerals: A combination of 77 trace minerals for joint support and health