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Testimonial from Connie L.

My husband and I have had Irish Setters since the 1970’s. Traditionally, Irish have sensitive skin and stomachs. Our 2nd Irish was plagued off and on with “hot” spots, dry skin, and digestive issues. We are now on dogs 3 and 4, and both boys have been on Vegetarian Kelp & Garlic for the last 6 years. Both have the beautiful Irish Setter Mahogany coats, healthy skin and tummies. I know it is because of the kelp supplement we give them at each meal. My oldest Irish, is 9 and has some arthritis, however it is difficult to tell because he is so active and spunky and still looks so young! I love the Vegetarian Kelp with Garlic, and have recommended it often to many pet parents.

I only purchase my kelp from Kelp products of Florida, because I know it’s the best.

Connie L.

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